Simple Landscaping

If you’re not much more experienced than buying a few plants here and there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices you have when it comes to your landscape. Once you get a feel for some basic concepts, you should have a good idea of how to transform your outdoor spaces into something that adds natural beauty and value to your property.

Determine Your Vision for Your Space

Natural stone landscaping

Take a look at your outdoor space and determine what you need. Would you prefer a patio to gather with your family during the summer months? Maybe you want some decorative block paving as a step up from dull concrete. Make a list of your landscaping goals without getting ahead of yourself and determining whether or not you can actually accomplish each goal.


Do a little research and see what plants grow best in your climate. A trip to a local nursery should help. This also gives you a chance to ask questions and get an idea of what plants work best in your area.


Ideally, you want to place a patio where the sun won’t be a distraction. A patio nestled smack dab in the middle of the afternoon sun isn’t going to be all that comfortable in August. If this isn’t possible, consider extending a patio from a covered porch.

Block Paving

Your project will go much smoother if you narrow down your preferences for patterns, textures and colours before you start making arrangements to get the work done. If you go with a contractor, you’ll have limited time to make decisions.

Start with Small Attainable Goals

Creating an appealing landscape is a labour of love that slowly progresses over time. Stat with a small, attainable goal. Starting with garden design, once you choose your plants, determine where they will be placed. If you have existing areas, do some maintenance such as turning over soil, adding fertilizer and pulling weeds before you start digging and planting. Don’t go overboard with the planting since plants spread out as they grow. What looks like a sparse garden when you first plant everything is likely to become a full garden throughout the summer. Just remember to start weed control efforts early to minimize maintenance.

Find a Focal Point

If you’re going to add water features to your garden, find a focal point within your garden. Ideally, you want a focal point that’s not too far from a source of water, unless your water features recycled water through a hidden system. Even then, you’ll need to ensure that the water is kept clean. A focal point is also a good idea for landscaping additions such as garden fencing or select areas of fencing to divide your landscape into sections such as a pool and patio area.

Determine your landscape budget ahead of time. If your goals exceed your available budget at the moment, keep in mind that you can make gradual additions over time to cut down on expenses. Even if you do make a significant initial investment, it’s likely to pay for itself over time as your property value increases due to the changes you make to your landscape.