Fencing and Decking: Great Garden Enhancements

Do you have a beautiful garden that you want to highlight and protect? Installing the right fence and deck is a great investment in your home.

Narrow lane with garden fence

Installing a fence can protect your garden from trespassers, deer, and other animals that eat flowers and landscaping. Alternatively, a fence can keep your pets inside the garden while keeping others out. Fencing can be a simple border around your garden constructed of wood, metal, or other materials chosen to compliment your home. If your goal is to keep pets enclosed, fencing can also be an invisible border with mild electric current. The current buzzes lightly around your pet’s collar when he approaches the border of the property, reminding him to stay inside.

Some fence installations require a permit from the governing authorities. Minimally, fencing requires that your land plat be consulted to determine the precise location of boundary lines. Some residential areas also have building codes that must be checked prior to installing a fence. Codes restricting fence height, fence materials and fence colors are common in planned residential areas, waterfront areas, and areas subject to a common aesthetic plan.

Decking involves digging through soil to install supports, laying a foundation, and installing decking materials on top of the foundation. The depth of the required supports depends on a number of factors including soil composition and grade. Decks are a good way to divide your garden and yard and to keep traffic where you want it- not on your flowers and shrubs. Decks are typically constructed of wood but composite decking materials with an extended life wear are also available. Composite decks tend to be more expensive, but in the long run may save you money because they rarely need to be replaced or treated.

The cost of decking and fencing for your garden

Decking and fencing costs vary according to materials used. A simple wooden border under 3 feet tall can cost as little as £5 per lineal foot, while an elaborate or decorative metal fence can cost as much as £50 per foot. Costs of decks vary similarly; a wooden deck of one hundred square feet may cost approximately £1500. A professional landscaper can guide you through the process and costs. They will consult with you as to the best materials to use for your intended purposes and budget and will help you decide where to install your deck and fence. They may also help determine whether building or material restrictions apply in your area. It’s vital that these determinations are made before materials are purchased and installed in your garden.

Good luck with your fencing and decking project. You will enjoy the investment for years to come.