Garden Design

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A beautiful garden is a work of art. The right colours, textures, and smells delight the senses and take us to a place of blissful peace. Enticing combinations of flowers, shrubs, herbs, and trees require thoughtful planning for effective garden design.

Garden Designs Can Be Simple or Elaborate

Garden Design Blueprint Sketching

Your garden is unique. You may have a lot of space, or a very intimate plot. No matter the size, the right garden design will make the most of your space. Garden design involves knowing your soil, and determining what plants are well suited for it. Garden design also incorporates existing landscape elements including grade, borders, and shade. If you want colour year-round, certain plants bloom earlier in the season while other plants blossom later. The right garden design will plant varieties so that there is colour in your garden during all seasons. Designing the right garden also requires a knowledge of how plants get along. Certain plants are invasive, while other plants require high or low acidity. The right garden design will make the most of different plant characteristics to assure healthy growing.

Who Designs the Garden?

A landscaper or professional garden designer will have the most knowledge about plants in your region. Climate, sun, humidity and precipitation differ by region and by season. The garden designer knows how to make the most of the elements and soil, and can help your garden look its best all year long.

You Need a Garden Design

We’ve all seen the difference between a good garden and a great garden. A good garden looks pretty some of the time. A great garden looks fantastic all of the time. Even during the winter, the right evergreens or succulents can bring lasting colour to your home. Great gardens require thoughtful planning to make the most of the conditions in your garden and to plan for the changing seasons. So don’t just have a good garden. Have a great garden with a great garden design.

Is Garden Design Expensive?

Garden design doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want a general consult, a garden designer can come and see your garden, check the soil and shade conditions, and give you some advice about what to plant where. This will cost under £150. If you want a garden designer to draw up your garden and plot the plants, the cost will be more. If you’re on a budget, tell your garden designer what you want to pay and he or she will work within your budget.