Landscaping FAQ

What is landscaping?

Natural stone landscaping

Landscaping is anything that changes the physical properties or appearance of an outdoor area, be it for aesthetic or functional reasons. Landscaping occurs whenever the land is changed, be it through the addition of physical structures or a reshaping of the terrain. Landscaping projects can involve adding plants, patios, walls, benches, fountains, pathways, pergolas and other structures and may require the removal of existing trees and structures. The physical structure of an area may also be changed to prevent erosion and other problems.

Why do people choose to invest in their outdoor area?

Sometimes landscaping is done for practical reasons and solves problems. If a basement floods when it rains, a landscaper may be able to change the slope of the yard and direct water away from the house. In areas where houses are built close together, a natural hedge provides both a clear border between properties and a privacy screen that is taller and more attractive than a wooden fence. Decks, patios and well-designed gardens also expand a home’s living area by creating useable outdoor spaces.

What does garden design involve?

Garden Design Blueprint Sketching

Garden design is the process through which the practical and aesthetic considerations of landscaping come together to create a cohesive, comprehensive plan for changing the landscape. First the goal of the garden is considered: is the garden being created to provide a peaceful respite, attract wildlife, grow fresh vegetables, to create a play area for children or some other purpose? Once the goal is determined, the design process involves choosing the proper elements and deciding how to fuse them with each other and existing architecture. In this way potential problems can be identified and solved before the project begins.

What is decking?

Decking is material used to build a platform, or terrace, on the outside of a home or other building. Traditionally decks have been made from wood and were made of pressure-treated lumber, high-end hardwood’s like redwood and cedar or tropical hardwood’s. Wooden decking is still available as is decking made from bamboo, aluminium and composites of wood fiber and plastic.