• Five Simple Landscaping Ideas to Make Your Garden Awesome

If you’re a homeowner, you don’t want to spend your free time always working on your yard–you just want to enjoy it. Here are five simple ways to improve your garden, so you can sit back and soak it in without a lot of heavy labour or time commitment.

Take Out Some Lawn

Keeping a lawn looking like a golf course takes a lot of maintenance and water. If you have a spot where the grass doesn’t seem to thrive, take the hint and remove it. You can replace it with wild flowers, ornamental tall grasses, succulents, a dog run, a raised vegetable bed, a retaining wall (on a slope) or pea gravel. You can also opt to add paved areas to your landscape which can complement your existing lawn.

If it’s just a small area to be removed, you can do it yourself on a weekend with a sod lifter (a tool you can buy at the garden centre). If you have a larger area of grass that needs to go, however, it might be a better job for a professional landscaper. In just a few days, they can transform a blah area to a beautiful focal spot in your yard –  if you are not convinced by the work a landscaping company can carry out then just check out some of the portfolios of landscapers such as Groby Landscapes.

Have Fun with Containers


Container gardening is one of the easiest and most fun ways to add interest to your landscape. There are numerous benefits to gardening with containers:

  • You can add height to low-growing areas where everything is the same level.

  • You can move plants around at will for variety, sun exposure or entertaining.

  • You can try new species without a big cost commitment.

  • It’s a great way to garden with kids.

  • You can bring herbs indoors over the winter for freshness all year.

  • You can add to the garden a little at a time, as your schedule and budget permit.

Attract Birds and Butterflies


Having birds and butterflies in your garden is a wonderful way to add more color and liveliness. First, get rid of things that repel these creatures, like pesticides and herbicides. To make your garden more hospitable, add bird houses, feeders and bird baths (don’t forget a heater if you live in a cold climate).

Some plants to attract birds and butterflies include salvia, honeysuckle, trumpet vine, butterfly bush, coneflower, asters and milkweed. Your local nursery can give you advice for your climate zone and species in the area. If you take a weekend planting perennials in the fall, you’ll be able to reap the benefits the following spring, but you can add these elements any time your weather permits.

Plant a Flowering Tree

Putting a flowering tree in your garden takes only a few hours and under £80, but you can enjoy it for years. When it’s in blossom, it will become a gorgeous centerpiece for your yard, and annually flowering trees are a perfect way to mark the changing years and family milestones along with them.

Add Small Hardscaping Elements

Small hardscaping elements are like container plants: you can add them whenever you like and move them around to find an arrangement that best suits you. Plus, they’ll add interest to your garden even during winter. For under £150, you can find bird baths, fountains, fire pits, chimneys and lanterns to jazz up your space.

If you don’t know where to start with your garden improvements, pick one project and start there. Chances are you’ll like the results so much you keep going with the rest.