• Get the right team of professional landscapers and garden designers

Landscaping is an Art

Professional landscapers and garden designers are trained and licensed in horticulture and possess degrees in landscaping architecture. This is an important consideration of how to get the right team for the most professionally landscaped look. Landscape architecture studies focus on subjects like soil and soil testing, irrigation, plant propagation and plant science. The professional team will also be well versed in proper irrigation design and insecticide usage.

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How to Get the Right Landscape and Garden Designer Team

The first thing to check before engaging the services of a landscape or garden design team is to check their qualifications and experience. When it comes to landscaping and garden design, the right team will offer top quality services at reasonable rates. Check the services offered as well. Professional landscapers and garden designers should be well acquainted with regional climate and type of soil. In terms of garden designers, these professionals should have a broad range of design experience and offer the best suggestions for garden design based on available space and property location. For example a local landscaping company such as Groby Landscapes in Leicester are able to provide a full quotation based on the space you have available and what will be needed for the job.

Landscape Architects

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In essence, landscapers are architects who plan and design the most attractive landscapes and gardens according to each specific land configuration. The ideas these professionals design add value and curb appeal. This is true for new and existing properties. Professional landscapers and the aforementioned Leicester garden designers maximize land space while creating designs that accent the features of the specific region. Their work is artistic in nature. For example, when a landscape begins to appear drab or unkempt, professional landscapers can redesign areas with shrubs, plants and trees that maximize curb appeal while a natural, scenic property, complete with gardens that project the structure’s style.

The role of Landscapers and Garden Designer Teams

Each member of the most professional landscaping team will be charged with specific duties. For example, two members of the team may be responsible for soil testing while other members of the team may produce the designs. Garden design teams are usually comprised of members that focus on specific areas of garden design. Some may design tree orchards or bowers. Other team members may create designs that provide wind breaks using various types of shrubs. Today’s agri-farm corporations often hire these designers to assist with the design of massive acres that produce fruits and vegetables for sale to the public.

Check References before hiring Landscapers and Garden Designers

In addition to reviewing licensing and certifications of landscapers and garden designers, it’s also important to ask for client references. Be sure to read all contracts carefully and ask for previous clients’ references.