• A Guide to Qualifications and Skills of a Tree Surgeon

Maintaining the beauty and integrity of a landscape sometimes requires the assistance of professionals. When it comes to the upkeep of trees on a property, hiring a tree surgeon, also known as an arborist, is advisable. Proper tree maintenance requires specific knowledge and skills not available to the average person.

Tree surgeons perform a broad variety of tasks relating to plants. The knowledge and specialties they have depends on the extent of education received. There are a wide variety of educational programs and certifications available for aspiring tree surgeons. At the very least, a tree surgeon will be certified in the use of a chain saw and safety measures for performing dangerous tasks related to trees. National certificates and diplomas offer a higher degree of education for arborists. There are also bachelors and masters degrees available in arboriculture. For example, a company providing tree surgery we know of –  TW Tree Stumps Removal in Surrey have a range of qualifications and insurance fit for the type of work they do. Read more about the insurance and equipment required below:

Insurance and Equipment of the highest level

tree climber hanging by a rope

Every certified arborist must carry insurance in case of damage or accident. Equipment is subject to annual checks to verify the arborist is in compliance with national safety laws and regulations. Reputable tree surgeons will be a part of an arborist organisation, such as the Arboricultural Association, the European Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture.

Depending on location, there may be special considerations for handling trees. Trees and other plants in conservation areas require special permission to manage. Certain trees may also be under protection by a tree preservation order. Both of these cases require close cooperation with the council. A tree surgeon will be familiar with the laws and procedures involved in caring for protected trees.

The valuable nature of trees in landscaping makes the skills of a tree surgeon particularly important. They have the knowledge to assess if a tree can be saved from death and the best means of doing so. They know how to protect a tree from pests and diseases and how and when to properly prune a tree. If the plant has been physically damaged in a storm, an arborist has the best chance of saving the tree. They can also skillfully remove a tree without damaging other property.

Hiring a skilled arborist is essential to avoid damaging trees and to properly process trees that are protected by preservation orders. A tree surgeon can perform a task as involved as taking down an entire tree and grinding the stump or as small as clearing up a fungal infection.